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“I started working with Shari to help me overcome my challenges with intrusive thoughts and anxiety. I had already tried talking therapy which was helpful at the time but never really uncovered or worked on the root cause.
From the outset Shari was professional, thorough and structured. She promised to work with me to provide a set of ‘workable tools’ to use when faced with unhelpful thoughts and feelings.
Shari always offered a non-judgemental space to express my thoughts and feelings and in my opinion went above and beyond to help and guide me on my journey throughout therapy.
I’ll be forever grateful for the genuine support and compassion Shari gave me during my therapy and the tools and knowledge she has shared with me, which now allow me to embrace all thoughts and feelings whilst focusing on my values based actions.
Thanks for helping me to understand that I was never broken, I was just stuck. You really did deliver on your promise!”


I am so grateful that we found Shari when we did. My daughter had just started university and although she was very keen to get a degree and experience being a student it was looking like she was going to have to come home due to work related anxiety. She was unable to leave her desk, wasn’t eating or going out and was in a pretty bad way. She had suffered with anxiety during her GCSE’s and A-levels and although she saw several counsellor’s nothing really worked. Shari managed to help her enormously in a short period of time. She has given her a new perspective and lots of tools to work with going forward. She is now able to manage her time, set boundaries around her work hours and find time for self care and relaxation. I can’t believe the transformation in such a short period. Thanks Shari.

When I started working with Shari, I was acutely unwell and getting worse. Through this very difficult time and during my recovery, Shari was an enormous help to me. Her support was a huge part of the reason I was able to get back on track and—as I have good reason to hope will be the case—stay there. If you would like to take steps towards living in way that reflects your most important values, and to approach therapy in a clear, practical, and sustainable way, I cannot recommend her service highly enough.


I came to Shari at a time when I felt rock bottom, I’d tried everything but wasn’t moving forward with my OCD recovery. Shari put my mind at ease straight away and we quickly put a plan in place. Each session was so helpful and each week I was progressing even more. Shari has given me vital tools I need to progress and I feel happier than I’ve felt In a long time. I can’t thank Shari enough for all her help, she is knowledgeable, patient and an amazing therapist”

‘I was looking for help with my OCD and found Shari’s website. Shari was warm and welcoming and non judgmental. I got so much more than help with my OCD, I came away with tools and a new approach to my thinking about many challenges i experience, as well as genuinely opening up my thinking and moving toward my values. Now I am so much less fearful about potential challenges and moving forward with my life and instead feel empowered with the knowledge and tools I’ve taken away from my therapy sessions.’

“I was quite hesitant to reach out and seek help to begin with, since I almost didn’t want to admit to myself that I was suffering, but Shari gave me a lot of confidence from the outset that I would improve with only a few sessions, which I did! Shari is a great listener, and is clearly very skilled in what she does. She used multiple techniques in the sessions, and always adapted them to what suited me best, whilst teaching me useful tips and support mechanisms to utilise in between sessions. Shari has also helped to ensure that I still have support mechanisms in place following my last session, by helping me to create a ‘relapse prevention plan’, and pointing me towards numerous other long-term support mechanisms, along with arranging a follow-up session for a few months’ time, demonstrative of her diligent and thorough approach. I couldn’t recommend Shari enough- she really has helped me so much over the last few weeks and I never imagined that I would be in the head space that I am having had under 10 sessions!”


"When I first started sessions with Shari I was going through a very hard transition period and was finding it difficult to cope. Shari was so patient and supportive and gave me the tools to improve my confidence and remember my values and goals.

I will be forever grateful for Shari's guidance!


Shari is an experienced therapist who goes above and beyond to support your needs and the goals that you want to achieve. During a hard time, she gave me the tools to ease my anxiety and gain back my confidence."

"I contacted Shari initially as I was struggling to make a big decision – which was leaving me upset, tired and confused. This in turn was having a negative impact on my own health and was beginning to affect those close to me- in short, I felt a bit ‘stuck’.
The thought of this decision was leaving little time in my life to focus on the areas of my life that are important to me. Through applying the techniques I learnt during the sessions (to focus on value-led living) it has enabled me to be aware of when I am spiralling into negative emotions and in doing so ‘unhook’ from these feelings.

After completing my sessions with Shari, I feel much less in a fog and am much clearer about the direction that I want to take my life in. I will continue to use the techniques that I have learnt to help me deal more positively with these emotions, as well as feelings of social anxiety and developing the ability to be assertive- especially in the context of close relationships.
Shari is very warm and easy to talk to. She shows a genuine interest in how you are feeling and is supportive and balanced in the advice given. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their life, whatever the situation they may find themselves in."



"I first attended sessions with Shari when faced with difficult circumstances in my personal life. She was incredibly understanding and created an atmosphere in which I felt entirely at ease. Shari was flexible in her approach, willing to act as both a listening ear and as a mentor based on my needs. Shari taught me multiple strategies to help manage my emotions and was always willing to provide additional resources, ensuring that I was well-equipped to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings. With Shari’s help I learned many invaluable lessons about myself, and I know her help will stick with me for life."

"Shari instantly made me feel safe and calm. She explained things clearly and helped me see things in a different way and was always incredibly encouraging, which definiltey helped me feel better. I felt I could trust her from the very first session and felt fully supported throughout. She is so kind and patient, I would highly recommend talking to Shari if you feel you need to speak to a therapist, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and feel fully prepared to experience things on my own now."


"When I first started sessions with Shari, I had already been in a form of therapy with a different therapist for several months dealing with extreme anxiety. I contacted Shari for her availability and a consultation, due to a city relocation, and she was helpful, eager and able to set appointments up with me quickly.


Although I had improved during my time with my previous therapist, the speed at which I was able to face my fears, form habits and consistently do exposure work once I started my sessions with Shari was incredible. She really spends the time getting to understand your personality and what might work best for you and recommends tools that fit this. If something doesn’t quite work for you, she’ll take your feedback on board, explore options and find the thing that DOES work.


The thing that truly sets Shari apart is her dedication to maintaining your mental health and ability to ‘be your own therapist’ post-therapy. She will build a relapse prevention plan with you and schedule future check in sessions. This sort of after care is not something I’ve encountered with other therapists, and shows how much Shari cares about her clients."

"Phenomenal. I contacted numerous psychologists when I encountered my problem but what made me choose Shari was her attentiveness which was a cut above the rest. In addition, she was very understanding and flexible with appointments and schedules which felt like it wasn’t just a session and that she really cared about her work. Furthermore, at the most random times Shari would send you useful things that were specific to your previous session which really made it feel like she went above and beyond with her work. I would highly recommend and if you put in the work it may surprise you just how beneficial this therapy can be."


"Shari was excellent. She was very understanding and listened really well as I explained and tried to make sense of my problem. She gave me clear tools to work with, was consistent in her approach and was effective in allowing me to reach my own answers and conclusions. I felt I made excellent progress as a result of this and I would highly recommend her."


"Fantastic experience - learnt some really valuable techniques, but most importantly got me to start thinking correctly in my subconscious in such a short space of time. Really helped me out at a low point, and feel much better as a result of speaking to Shari! would really recommend her!"


“I was put in touch with Shari when I was at a particularly low point with my life.
Shari was helpful and understanding and helped me see myself, and life in a totally different way.
The guidance she gave me has enabled me to start again, and gave me the resources to turn to when i am experiencing difficult times.
I have no hesitation in recommending the services that Shari offers.”


‘I was looking for help with my OCD and found Shari’s website. Shari was warm and welcoming and judgmental. I got so much more than help with my OCD, I came away with tools and a new approach to my thinking about many challenges i experience, as well as genuinely opening up my thinking and moving toward my values. Now I am so much less fearful about potential challenges and moving forward with my life and instead feel empowered with the knowledge and tools I’ve taken away from my therapy sessions.’

"I've been one of Shari's clients for 14 sessions. I am grateful to Shari for having been my CBT therapist, for all that she did for me, and for guiding me through this Cognitive Behavioural process. She has given me tools to cope with stress and anxiety, especially in a work environment context, and how to deal with difficult people. I strongly recommend her therapy. I feel I now have tools to cope with all of these circumstances. I now know what to do and how to better cope with people around me and the inevitable events we have to face in life."


"Shari is both extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in psychological techniques which help alleviate distress and manage OCD symptoms. She was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her as someone who can help overcome such problems with patience and kindness."


"I can't speak highly enough of Shari. I was stuck in such a bad place with my OCD and unhelpful thoughts when I first started my sessions with her but she instantly made me feel at ease. As others have already mentioned, Shari's caring nature, attentiveness and even the little 'snippets' she sends over outside of the sessions are so valuable and really show how much she cares about her clients/patients. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling. Thank you, Shari!"


"I had never had any experience of any sort of therapy before so I was apprehensive but Shari put me at ease very quickly. I was in a very anxious state and although we had arranged a date for my first appointment things got so bad that I asked if she could speak to me earlier and she did. At the first session Shari taught me some techniques to help me cope better. The most important thing to me was that she gave me a belief that I would get better. Throughout all the sessions Shari was understanding, encouraging and empathetic. Shari’s aim was to give me the tools so I could become my own therapist. To get the most out of the therapy I had to work on the tasks that I was given to do every week. When we were nearing the end of our sessions we worked on a relapse prevention plan which I found very helpful. Without Shari help I would not be where I am today with my anxiety under control and enjoying my life once again I would wholeheartedly recommend Shari to anyone who needed the help of a therapist."

"I started CBT to help with anxiety and depression. I was sceptical about the therapy but still willing to give it a go as I was lost for what else to do and where to turn. My very first session was amazing. Shari made me feel at ease straight away as I was extremely nervous. It was like I was talking with a friend not a stranger and without any judgement. Shari taught me ways of dealing with my thoughts and feelings which have completely changed my life. I had 7 sessions in total and from the first to the last I am a different person in so many ways. I wish I had done it sooner. I was completely lost and at my lowest when I started and now I am loving my life again I didn’t even think my life would ever get back to being like this. Everyone around me can see the huge change in me also. I think Shari has helped me more than both of us realise. I would definitely recommend her services and those of Yorkshire Psychology. Thank you!"

"At the age of 57 and after a fair bit of life experience I discover (through Shari) that despite my life experiences I really was pretty rubbish at dealing with my thoughts and feelings. I was prone to obsessing, and ruminating to the point of making my life extremely uncomfortable by creating a monster of my anxiety. I didn't know how to stop myself. And then with Shari's help I discovered that I didn't have to. I simply had to deal with my thoughts and feelings in an entirely different way, and it all started to make complete sense. I wish I had done this in my 20s it would've prepared me better for life. The process is so easy to understand, a child could understand it and apply it. Truly a life-changing experience. Thank you Shari"

"Highly recommended for those looking for guidance in difficult times. Working with Shari has given me a much more positive outlook and allowed me to take control of my life again after difficult times. She finds methods that work for you and builds on them, then ensures relapse into issues are prevented at the end."

"Shari is kind, compassionate and open in her approach to therapy. She went above and beyond to understand me as an individual, and offered a highly personalised approach. She is passionate and knowledgeable about her work, bringing academic articles, worksheets, book recommendations and techniques to each of my sessions which were relevant to me and which I still use today. She sets you up to better understand yourself, so that you can manage your mind in the future. You can always rest assured that should you need a boost, Shari will be there."

"Following a course of CBT I am now able to sit with difficult feelings such as sadness and guilt. I am able to open up to people, letting them see the real me. I am able to initiate difficult conversations and authentically express how I feel I’m able to ask for help and what I want. The work on assertiveness has helped me to articulate my needs and live a life in line with my values. I’m excited about life again and I’m so proud of myself"

"This was an eye-opening experience and I am extremely happy with how the sessions progressed. Each session essentially provided immediate insight and and "a-ha" moments, together with excellent advise and practices to keep on track towards an improved feeling of life. I felt understood and very well taken care-of. Thank you!"

"My relationship with my family is improving and I am learning to accept my feelings and let them come and go without getting hooked on thoughts that are not useful to me. Her approach is warm and open, yet totally focused on my goals - just what I needed to keep me moving forwards! I can’t recommend Shari and CBT highly enough."

Useful Websites

BABCP (British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists

For further information on guidelines for promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health

Prices and Availability

Prices from £90-£110 per session
Prices vary depending on location and length of session.

Please contact me directly to discuss availability. Contact details can be found using the contact tab on this website.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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